Eduardo Parra


Specialist in Business Management, Marketing and Sales in Latin America. Graduated in Social Communication and Business Administration. He has been in business since 1990, having held prominent positions in Grupo Algar and United Tecnologies Co. Currently head of business and operation at TATA Consultancy Services for Life Science vertical. He led the IOS area at Capgemini for four years and implemented the Active Data Center in São Paulo. He carried out several projects to implement the operation and expansion of IT, telecom and electrical companies. In the telecom area, the introduction of the prepaid system in mobile and fixed telephony is highlighted.Experience in the Aereo market, having worked in this segment for more than 7 years, in particular working with Embraer. A member active in the segments where it operates, it has developed the Master Real Estate Prize, a highlight in the civil construction sector, and recognized for its strong presence in the telecommunications sector after privatization. Significant experience in elaborating business and business strategy. Comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats related to the company's environment, directing all efforts and resources to the execution of strategic objectives and achieving certain levels of performance. Using innovation to determine to what extent and in what way the company uses its business strategy and improve its performance, using the best of resources and talents, evaluating performance and performance and its framework within the mission, values and strategic objectives of the company. Constant analysis of the degree of alignment with the business strategy so that it produces the desired results. Provide leadership to the operational team, especially in business areas, monitoring and supporting the prospection, development and closing of businesses, including services related to asset management. Implementing Global projects and big deals. Responsible for the operation and customer service system, business development in strategic and global clients. Responding by P & L of service management and consulting contracts. Responsible for the objectives and market performance with focus on operational results P & L, Establishing processes for a better customer service, focus on new markets in which there is opportunity to expand the business. All the objectives were designed to be fulfilled in conjunction with the company's global strategy.


Estratégia Auditoria Fusões e Aquisições Inovação Tecnologia Marketing Comercial/Vendas Risco de Mercado Planejamento estratégico Planejameto Comercial IPO Captação de Investimento Retail Gestão de Recursos gestão de projetos consultoria de gestão Sistemas Governança Corporativa Construcao Civil negociação Gerenciamento Automação Industrial Riscos Corporativos Gerenciamento de TI Estrategia de TI Transformação Digital Integração de Empresas Mediação de Conflitos sector de bens de consumo Planejamento de Marketing e Comunicação Gestão de Produtos Estratégia de Negócios Vendas Corporativas Planejamento Comercial Business Coaching Gestão de Operações Relacionamento com Clientes Liderança e Motivação Desenvolvimento de Equipes business development B2C Internacionalização de Negócios Distribuição B2B Modelo de Negócios Planejamento Negócios Varejistas CEO Vice-Presidente Canais de Distribuição Comite de estratégica Estratégica Innovation regulatório Business Analytics Governança TI Varejo Design de Negócios Design Estratégico Desenvolvimento de Executivos Negociações de Alta Complexidade Gestão da Inovação Formação de Lideranças Vendas e Marketing B2B Alianças Estratégicas e Parcerias Processo Decisório Estratégico América Latina E-commerce merger & acquisitions Pensamento estratégico Orientação para o resultado Consultoria Direct Sales novos negocios Liderança de equipes e projetos Motivação por desafios e orientação p/ resultados por meio de pensamento estruturado Mercado Internacional Mercado Domestico Negócio de Distribuição e Varejo Crescimento Acelerado Marketing & Sales Strategy Operations Management Healtcare Gestao


ABB Ltda (Setor: Energia elétrica)

Vice President Opperations
07/2018 - 02/2011

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) (Setor: Consultoria)

Head Latam Life Sciencie
09/2016 - atualmente

Capgemini Brasil (Setor: Tecnologia da informação)

Director Sales & Opperation
03/2013 - 09/2016

Procwork / SONDA IT (Setor: Tecnologia da informação)

Executive Director
02/2010 - 03/2013

Algar Tech (Setor: Telecomunicações)

Head at Sales & Marketing
05/2000 - 03/2008



Pos-Gradução Marketing & Sales
02/2002 - 11/2002

Universidade de Delaware

MBA Business Administration
03/1998 - 11/1999

Anhembi Morumbi

Bacharel Comunicação Social
02/1989 - 12/1993